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I am Nana Pooe. I am a young wife and yummy mom to one gorgeous little girl. I found myself in a committed relationship at age 21, got married at age 26 and gave birth to my first child at age 29. I am a lover of life and intrigued by how we all navigate it.

Crafty and savvy is what I am. Anything DIY and anything crafty gets me excited! I’m here to chat, reflect and share experiences of being a young modern woman in relation to the marriage institution as well as motherhood at a young age! This is a platform for women who are in committed relationships or are looking to be in one, women are married and are building a family. I am no expert, but I do love conversations about relationships, marriage and parenting from a young, modern woman’s perspective

 As we all know there isn’t a single manual to doing life, therefore it’s always good to expand your view and look at things from all angles. This is just a window into my little world, from both sides of the window.

I will also be sharing with you my crafts and DIY projects! In my spare time, I make accessories using scrap fabrics. Anything from hair bands, earrings, hats, and recycled clothing. This is something you can look forward to in the near future! 
It is always lovely to hear different opinions from other women! So, please do not hold back on those comments and experiences. Let’s connect and engage! 
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