Baby Development From 1-12 Months

Baby Development From 1-12 Months

There are five main areas in which a baby develops namely;  the cognitive development, social and emotional development, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and language skills. We have tracked baby Kebotlhale’s development from month 1 to month 12 through video. This is only a guideline of a baby’s development through infancy. I have also included some quick tips on how you can encourage your baby’s development at home.

1 – 3 months: 

-The baby’s vision is becoming clearer. 

-She looks at the direction where the sound is coming from

– She responds to familiar voices by gurgling and cooing.

-Her hands are starting to open up more and she can feel different objects. 

– She gives you her first beaming smile.
Developmental Skills Achieved: Cognitive and Emotional Development

Tip: Encourage your baby to keep exploring sounds by interacting and talking to her every morning even when she doesn’t respond yet. I used to take videos of Kebotlhale every morning to send to her Dad at work. He looked forward to these when he was having his morning coffee in the office before he started his day. Morning video

3 – 6 months: 

– She learns how to balance her head by raising her upper body using her forearms and elbows.

 -Her muscles are stronger and she learns how to crawl by shuffling toward things that interest her. 

– She responds to people she is familiar with.

-She can laugh. 

-She loves kicking and waving her arms around! 

– Baby Kebotlhale can now sit without support.

-She is learning how to use her tongue and lips by making new sounds.

– She has her first solid food. Kebotlhale’s favorite was pureed Butternut!
Developmental Skill Achieved: Social and Emotional Development, Fine motor skills, and Gross motor skills.

Tip: Place an object in the baby’s hand for her to grab. This will help develop her fine motor skills. Place her toys around her so that she can reach for them from a seated position. This will give her a head start to learn how to crawl as well as improve her vision.

6- 9 months :

 -She can reach and pick up toys, then pass them from one hand to the other. 

– She imitates facial expressions and makes more sounds while playing. 

– She uses gestures and sounds to get your attention. 

– The mirror is her new best thing! She loves seeing herself in the mirror. 

-Baby Kebo crawls around the house more confidently and is fascinated by tiny particles on the floor.

-She stands up using furniture and even attempts to walk holding onto furniture.
Developmental skills achieved: Gross motor skills, language skills


Tip: -You can encourage your baby’s walking by holding her fingers from both hands and allow her to trot around. What I did was to place her favorite toy at a distance on the couch and told her to fetch it. She will use whatever is near to make sure she reaches that toy thus strengthening her leg muscles.

9- 12 months:

-She enjoys stacking toys on top of each other. 

– She bangs her hands on everything!

 -Kebo starts walking without holding onto anything. Though some kids won’t walk until they’re about 18months and some might walk earlier.

 -She learns how to stand up with no support. 

-Her understanding of language has improved and she can understand phrases like; no, come here, put it there, please give me, clap your hands. 

-Her vocabulary is improving. She can say the words no, papa, mama, hello, bye, and thank you.

– She can hold a conversation using gestures and sounds to express herself and respond. 

– She loves dropping her toys and seeing where they go.

 -She imitates songs or the sounds you make when you talk to her.
Developmental Skills achieved: Gross motor skills, Social development, Language Development. 

Tip: Since your baby is interested in different objects and what each of them can do, why don’t you place different objects from the house into a box and let her explore them. These could be wooden spoons, an old TV remote, empty pill container, small make – up bag, plastic cups. This will afford you an extra 2hrs to yourself! 

Remember every child is unique and therefore their developmental journey will also differ. Some kids learn how to walk before crawling and some crawl for long before having the confidence to walk. Some like Kebotlhale only get their first tooth at 11 months old. They’re all uniquely awesome!!

What fascinates you about children’s development? What milestones are you proud of that your baby, your niece, or your nephew have achieved!? I would love to hear from you

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